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Perceptions of Reality Kills the Argument

Posted on the 24 April 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"One of the perils of journalism is the human brain’s penchant for sorting information into narratives. Even false narratives can take on a life of their own because there is always information arriving that can confirm a narrative" ~~~ Nicholas Kristof
There's not that much argument it pretty much started with the Conservative Right's distaste for the Clinton name and the continuous 'narratives' thrown by the Right into the public's perception of the next Clinton...Hillary Rodham Clinton. Much like the "Kennedy" name, for Republicans, "Clinton" is the new "Kennedy"
Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest? to Clinton haters she is and forever will be. But to Clinton supporters she's not! The argument will never change...whether they dislike her cause she stood by her man, old Slick Bill, or because her Public Political positions.
Does she take contributions from Big $$$? Sure she does!...and Bernie may not, and I highly respect his Idealistic spirit...but as long as that gross amount of Money used to Finance Campaigns now days, is not finally stopped, Republicans will continue to use as much as it takes to win elections. You want to win? need to be pragmatic and understand how to play the game of politics.
I'm totally against the whole idea of money financing a Politico's career, but taking the moral High Road is not going to win you too many elections...when you're playing with the Devil, you got to play fire with fire!!!
"Reality doesn't bite, rather our Perception of Reality bites" ~~~ Anthony J. D'Angelo
So the question remains; Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest? According to PolitiFact, she's Truthful or mostly truthful 50% of the time. Bernie Sanders is truthful or mostly truthful 49% of the time...then compared to John Kasich at 52%...and finally it goes way! way! downhill to Ted Cruz at 22%, and last but not least, Le Grande Orange himself, the Trumpster at an incredible 9%!! Ahhyup! Trump lies 91% of the time!...and the Trump supporters love him for it!!
The perception of dishonesty appears in many politicos, but again, it's just a perception! As Kristof say's in his Article; Jill Abramson, who spent decades as a journalist either investigating Clinton or overseeing investigations of her, and who certainly isn’t soft on the Clintons, concluded in The Guardian: “Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy.”
"I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to Compromise and that All Principles can be compromised to serve a Greater Principle" ~~~ Andrew Carnegie
Then there's the perception that Bernie and Hillary will never agree and if Bernie loses, all his supporters will idealistically sit it out. Even Bernie, will 'compromise' to serve a much greater principle.
Talks of Party Unity are coming out loud from both camps...and expect the VP to be a Bernie supporter! with Bernie getting his plank or planks adopted by the DNC's Platform Committee, and becoming a much bigger player in the Senate with much more power, once he returns as a "Democrat" as expected.
Yes! Hillary and Bernie are in pre-convention discussions...and it shouldn't surprise anyone how much more they have in common than not. Too long of a list to write, so check and compare their stance head to head on all the numerous issues, and see for yourself on what...and on how they's not really much!.
What's the real difference between Hillary and Bernie? It's how you perceive things. You can say that Hillary is the Pragmatic version of Bernie's Idealism...they agree on 'almost' every issue, except they each have their own very unique and different way of achieving their goals.
The one name that keeps popping up on Clinton's "short list" of VPs is a big Bernie supporter from Beantown...Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the #1 Anti-Wall Street US Senator in the Country. And the media will play the story till Hell freezes over. Yes! the all-female "Dream Team" of Clinton/Warren.
Imagine a Clinton/Warren ticket vs the misogynistic Donald Trump and a Republican anti-women Platform...with those two ladies? The Donald's hair will not stay that color for long!...yes! with Hillary as Prez, and Elizabeth as VP? Start passing the Valium and Pepto Bismal to Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican Senate!
Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest? - The New York Times

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