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Peanut Brittle

By Invisiblestilettos
Hey y'all! How did your weekend go?  I made some yummy treats this weekend and I love to share this super simple recipe with you guys.  I got inspired by the peanut brittle given to me by a friend from Baguio.  I searched the internet and combined different recipes to make my own version.  Though this recipe is not the exact same recipe as the one from Baguio with even chunkier bits, I think I got the taste right,  I'm going nuts with peanuts.  They're so good and kinda addictive in my opinion.  I just made a small batch and snap! Gone, just like that.  Want to know how to make this super delicious and easy treat?Peanut Brittle
For this recipe, you will need the following:
1.  Honey, 1/2 cup
2.  Butter
3.  Sugar, 2 cups
4.  Baking soda, 1 teaspoon
5.  Water, 1 cup
6.  Peanut, 1 cupPeanut BrittleFirst, get your peanuts, dried and unshelled.  Make sure that you get the white  one and not one with the red "film".  Roast it in a pan until it releases its natural oils or you can also bake it until toasted.  Do not put salt or anything.  Just roast the peanuts :)Peanut BrittleNext, in a pan, dissolve sugar in water and honey then add a knob of butter.  Let the butter incorporate with the liquids by whisking it under super low heat.Peanut BrittleOnce the sugar is dissolved, turn the heat to medium then bring the mixture into a boil for about 5 to 10 minutes.Peanut BrittleWhile boiling, get some cold water.  We will now test our mixture if it is now pliable.  After a few minutes of boiling, use a spoon to get a bit of the mixture then place it straight to the cold water.  If it hardens instantly, our mixture is now ready.  You will also notice that the color of the mixture will turn a bit like amber color.  Turn of the heat.Peanut BrittleGet your baking soda, the place it into the mixture.  This is our secret ingredient to make our peanut brittle, well brittle and "airy."  Do not get surprised if your mixture forms tons and tons of bubbles.  Just continue to mix until the bubble subsides then bring it back to low heat.Peanut BrittleYou can now add our roasted peanuts into the mixture.  Two more steps and we're almost done :)Peanut BrittleNow, just mix, mix, mix to coat each and every peanut with our mixture.  Turn off the heat.Peanut BrittleNow, get a piece of wax paper then pour the mixture into it.  Spread evenly then let it cool completely.Peanut BrittleOnce dried, peel off the wax paper then break into bite-size pieces.  This is how it looked like after. Yummy!Peanut BrittleHope you try today's recipe :)
Good luck!

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