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How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob Hairstyle

By Invisiblestilettos
Happy New Year guys!  If last year we started the New Year with a bang, this time, we starting it with another hair chopping tutorial with a bob or lob (long bob).  I have been wanting to cut my hair for sooooo long that I finally had the courage to chop it this time.  My inspiration for this cut is Rachel McAdams' hair on The Vow and Taylor Swift's on her Shake It Off music video.  They say that cutting your hair will bring good luck for the New Year, so I am joining the bandwagon and cut my below-the-waist length hair to a simple but chic A-line bob.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob Hairstyle
For this tutorial, we will need:
1.  Hair ties
2.  A comb
3.  Sharp scissorsHow to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleFirst step, we need to start with either dry or wet hair, but I personally prefer a day-old dry hair because I have curly hair and because wet hair shrinks when you cut it.  I just straightened my hair first so that I would get an even cut.  Just comb your hair to detangle it.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleNext, part your hair.  I usually part my hair at the middle.  You have to make sure that you part it where you usually do because, for example, if you part it on the side but usually part it at the middle, when you cut your hair, it would be uneven. How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleNext step, tie your hair to a low ponytail.  Gather all of your hair to the back and tie it not too tight and not too loose.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleOkay, this step is very important as this will give your hair those longer strands in front than those at the back.  Make sure that when you tie your hair into a ponytail, you untuck the hair behind you ears and be sure to do this as equally as possible on both sides.  Remember that the looser you untuck those hairs, the longer the hair in front will be.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleNow, this one is a bit tricky so I suggest you use a mirror while doing this.  Tie another two hair ties below your first ponytail.  The first black hair tie is going to be your marker where you want to cut and will determine how long or short you want your bob to be.  The second hair tie will just gather and secure all the cut hair so that it would not be messy especially if you are cutting lots of hair like mine. ;)How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleThis is it!  It's now time to cut your hair.  I actually asked the help of the husband to cut it for me.  If you have thick hair, I suggest you section your hair into two or three then tie it but be sure that you place the hair tie at exactly the same length as the other ones.  Remember to cut below the first black hair tie, not above, below.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleNow, remove your hair ties and you are done!  See, that easy :)  This is how mine looked right after the cut.  Not so shabby eh?  Now, all you have to do is check the length and symmetry of your bob then retouch only as necessary.  You should be fine if you cut your hair as straight as possible.  If you want volume, you can add layers to this by pulling sections of hair away from your face in a horizontal fashion then cutting the ends vertically.  I did not do that as my hair already has lots and lots of volume.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleI just washed, dried, and styled my hair after and this is how it looks now.  I just curled the ends a bit to give it more body.  I sometimes straighten my hair if I want a sleek look but for most days, this is how my hair looks now.How to Cut A Bob/Long Bob HairstyleDid you like today's tutorial?  Comment below.  I would love to read your reactions and suggestions.  What do you prefer, long curly a la mermaid hair or this chic bob?  Don't forget to like us on Facebook for more beauty and fashion tutorials :)  Have a great year everyone!

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