Self Expression Magazine

Peace n Stones

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

Life’s like a needle an Love is the Sweater

We the people become the thread

Once we sew Wisdom -ships Together

Astray from allowing time to deteriorate

It’s more valuable than what gold can bring

Off like the sunset you will disappear

If you roam with what’s granted in fear

Life is about what you can learn and give

Wisdom spreads when you learn to forgive

Some have hobbies and majority have goals

Blessed to know my hobbies achieves my goals

When you fall short continue stronger

Why give up when starting over takes longer

Many are suppressed walking in same direction

That will never prosper tho many suggest an exit

Never settle for less when you can live its fullest

Why bite the bullet with lust when romance is the ultimate trust of love

Always follow your first thought “Instinct”  Tho the second one  will have you come up short “Instant”

Hold on to your joy because pain in life is Inevitable

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