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Passing World's Largest Completed Animated Cowboy Town - ...

By Myfilmproject09

Passing World's largest completed animated  cowboy town - world famous of course. Looks like it's closed, too. West of Humboldt, up in the air, a flock of about forty geese going south. Maybe it's too cold. One of the difference (going south. Maybe it's too cold for them. Flying in their V-formation. They're turning around. As I speak I saw them. In mid-air, they just turned around, get back into formation. Slowly get back into formation, get that V fellas, get heading north again. For a moment it was, ah' theres it was just not sure but then but then 

One of the differences between now and then I was taking this car on it's virgin trip is the amount of FM stations FM stations now, and how strong they are, they're stronger than they used to be. , used to get about get about twenty miles outside of a town if you're lucky, now you can get them fifty, sixty, eighty, a hundred miles out of town. Why is this? I'll have to find out. As the geese fly overhead, Dan Seals sing a pretty song called RAGE ON. I aim my partner into the setting sun straight ahead of us across the flat prairie . A big fireball at the end of the highway, try to catch it, try it catch it and I don't and never will -who does (they have a theory that the sun (or moon) always stays the same size even though it appears bigger until it catches me again and passes, always ending ahead of me.

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