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Parler is Shut Down - The First Real Effect of Saturn in Aquarius?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Parler is Shut Down - The first real effect of Saturn in Aquarius?

At 11:59 hrs on the 10th January Pacific Time, Amazon Web Services shut off off the communications app "Parler"; it was seen as a potential rival to Twitter. Instantaneously, the ability of millions of users to communicate with each other was eradicated. Boom, just like that!! Just before this, Google & Apple had done the same blocking it on their platforms. This came on the back of President Trump being banned first by Facebook and then by Twitter, limiting his ability to speak and spread his message to his followers. Why is this so significant? In my eyes it was the first time that the true effects of Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of limitation and running things in sign of technology and the community, was being felt.

Back last year before Saturn moved into Aquarius I said that this shift would see the rule by the community for the community. Going to the back, maybe a few years, I said that the shift of the major planets into Aquarius would see the rise of the technological age as in the major internet companies would take a leading role in all of our lives.
My premise was this. Everybody was pulling back into their own borders at that time. President Trump and other leaders around the world were being very nationalistic, and populism was on the rise. I stated this was folly, because the real power around the world lie in the hands of the internet companies where borders meant nothing. Amazon is Amazon in the UK, in France, in America, in Australia. So is Facebook, so is Google, so is Apple, so is Twitter. All of these companies have direct access into our homes through the internet. They can send us messages, they can sell us things, they can influence our purchasing power. They have an instant access no world leader has. These companies see things on a truly global scale, not a national one, and the future is global, not national. The ability to influence billions of people across borders give these companies strength and power way beyond any national leader, and just in the past few days we have seen that strength being flexed. President Trump the most powerful man on Earth has been effectively shut down. Who'd have thought that just a couple of years ago?

Parler is Shut Down - The first real effect of Saturn in Aquarius?

Back to the Astrology. The chart for the global shutdown of Parler sees Mercury the planet of communications in a Jupiter Saturn sandwich in the sign of Aquarius, square to Mars, the planet of action and Uranus, the planet of technology and social media. Saturn limits or put the rules down and Jupiter makes it international. The set of squares between these two major conjunctions are an intervention, and in my view the first of many. The big social media companies shut down the ability of lots of people to speak or just communicate, and you better get used to this, because the Saturn Uranus square effective all year will see the social media companies using their strength even more.

Now in this case, Parler was being used by far-right extremists such as Qanon to organise and influence people, and if this power is ultimately used to stop violence and people hurting each other, then I can see some value in it. However, how far do we take this influence and power that these large internet giants have? In high streets and shopping malls, retail outlets are shutting down because they cannot compete with these online companies. TV and film companies are suffering, cinemas are closing down because everything is going online. As you can see with this example, the ability of us to express freedom of speech, whether it is in everybody's interest or not, can also be shut down in an instant by the tech giants.

There are serious issues that need to be answered, as in how much power is too much power? Let me ask you this. Who is more influential in your life on a day to day basis, the leader of your country or Jeff Bezos? That my friends is the rising influence of Saturn in Aquarius, and you just wait until Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and control gets into the same sign in 3 year's time...

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