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Paleo Spaghetti

By Primal Primos @PrimalPrimos

IMG_1378My wife has an amazing recipe for spaghetti sauce.  We make a ton of it and freeze it for when we need a quick and easy meal.  Tonight was just such a night.  We enjoyed our deliciousPaleo Spaghettiand had it on the table in less than ten minutes.  One of the things that makes it so delicious is the fact that we use sausage rather than ground beef.  We like to do a mix of sweet and spicy for this recipe.

When thawing your Paleo Spaghetti squash, my favorite technique is to heat some oil in a pan and throw the squash right in.  You can throw it in frozen if you want!  DO NOT MICROWAVE!  Well, if you are really in a rush you can, but I have a general hatred of the microwave.  Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I think it changes the taste of foods.

I hope to have the recipe for our sauce up later this week.  It has been pretty crazy around here.  Both Karla and I are extremely busy with work these past few weeks.  I guess that is a good thing though, considering we are both in sales.  I also turned 30 this week!  My wife planned a trip to Big Bear and we had a blast with family and friends.

I hit the gym before coming home from a 24 hr. shift and my body is feeling it.  Z over at Crossfit 818 programmed a great routine for us today.  I have not been staying on my gym routine…AND I CAN FEEL IT!

More great recipes to come!  Sorry I have been AWOL!

IMG 1353 225x300 Paleo Spaghetti

Mikaella was nice and warm in her bear 

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