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Oxygen - Six Blessed Elements

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

Today I'm going to talk about a few things I share all the time with my clients, but would like to start with a blessing for all. My blessing is to all is to reset each individual's heart, soul, and mind, to the perfection that already is. I'm going to do that through love, gratitude, and encouragement. If you follow this series you will definitely come out with some love, gratitude, and encouragement. I want to start with telling everybody why I decided to take the time and enjoy the effort that I put out to have this film. I wanted to leave my family, friends, and very blessed clients some memories of me and encouraging words, and reminders that are simple and effective in our daily walk. Today's topic is my desire to explain to everybody 5 steps and 6 elements. Every day that we wake up our body is made up of 6 simple elements. Oxygen: every cell in your body needs oxygen. We drive our breath throughout our body which brings oxygen to every cell. When I'm in the garden and digging a hole I'm go down. Instead of lifting up when taking a deep breath I relax my shoulders and breath down into my chair. Nothing should be moving up, only down. Relaxation is the most important thing we can do so that our breath can drive deep down. Push your butt deep into your chair as far as you can. There is a healing joint in your body which is located near your jaw. If you rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth you can take a wonderful deep breath in and out through your nose. Your diaphragm can fill up like a balloon. The diaphragm can take 5 times the capacity to fill up with air than your lungs. The lungs are simply a filter. When you take a deep breath use your belly, relax your shoulders, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, breathing in and out of your nose. Drive the oxygen down to your toes.

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