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Outfit - My Septum Peircing Experience

By Megan91 @Little_norris91
So I'd been thinking about a septum piercing for a while, both my friend and I in fact, and we finally set a day to get it done! Tuesday rolled around and before I knew it we were in Asgard in Southampton filling in a medical form!
It's buy one get one free so it only cost £15 each, which is awesome, so we paid and off we went. My friend got hers done first and she made little fuss, she was shaking and really nervous but didn't make a noise when the needle went in. 
I on the other hand...I have a tiny pain threshold - basically none existent.
Me with a septum peircingI sat down, the piercer applied some numbing gel then clamped where the piercing would be, and that hurt already. What fun. I was then ready for the needle, at this point I was already nervous but tried to calm myself, but as soon as the needle went in that was it...PAIN!
I screamed quite loudly and it was embarrassing - I'm putting myself through this pain, I wish I was the kind of person who pain didn't really bother but I am. The lady who did the piercing even said it was one of the least painful places to get pierced because of where the needle goes through is very thin, but you know...
Me with a septum peircing, from a different angle
So after the needle had gone through this tiny plastic tube is inserted (don't ask me how my eyes were tightly closed). As she inserted the piercing my eyes started watering so badly, it was ridiculous, then came the giggles. To explain when I see people I know in pain or I am in a lot of pain I start giggling...I think it is a coping mechanism.
After managing to stop the giggling I then felt a bit sick and led down. You can call me weak or whatever but like I said my pain threshold is tiny. She then did up the ball on the end and I was done, as soon as I looked in the mirror and saw it I felt 100% better, it actually looked really good and I am so glad I got it done! I feel so much more confident in myself already, I love how it looks and how it makes me feel. So getting it done has had such a wonderful effect on me! 
Outfit - topshop jamie jeans, topshop ribbed high neck top, black and white converse, cashmere scarf
I can't wear it down for work so I have to push it up into my nose to hide it, which is fine. But I love it when I'm not at work and can show it off to the world! However now I feel like I always have to wear a lipstick because it just looks so nice with a coloured lip. 
Pair of black and white classic converse
So today I wore it down as its my day off, I was only nipping into town with my boyfriend so it was a super casual. I wore a Topshop ribbed roll neck top which is so comfy I love it, along with my trusty black Jamie Jeans, a cashmere scarf I bought in Berlin to add a bit of color and my brand new Converse I got from my boyfriend for my birthday.  I love the black and white converse, as they go with absolutely everything and I will wear them to death! 
GIF of me with septum piercing and hair half up half down
So that's it my new piercing, my new shoes and my new found confidence! What do you think? Do you have any piercings or want anymore yourself? Do you find that changing your appearance changes your confidence levels? x

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