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Lush - Unicorn Horn

By Megan91 @Little_norris91
Unicorn Horn...the best looking bubble bar ever? 
Lush - Unicorn Horn
Yes, yes it is! This slightly iridescent beauty is full of bright colours, maybe the brightest in any bubble bar? The bright yellows and blues really caught my attention when I purchased this, it just looks like so much fun. I'm not too sure why this is in the Valentines collection as there's nothing Valentines about it - except for the fact I love it?  
Lush - Unicorn Horn
So other than the look of this bubble bar the smell is another thing I love. It's a sweet fragrance with Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. You can smell the lavender quite a bit but I really love the scent mixed with the ylang ylang and neroli which is a really bright scent. 
Like all bubble bars I ran my bath and started to crumble the bar into the water, I felt like it should have gone multicoloured seeing as there is so many colours in it, however it went a really lovely pink shade. Which was lovely but I felt cheated! What I didn't feel cheated about was the amount of bubbles which filled my bath. 

After my bath I felt ver relaxed and soft from all the essential oils, another triumph by Lush! Have you tried any bubble baths recently? x

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