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Friends Forever?

By Megan91 @Little_norris91
Listening to my mom singing along to Gregory Porter, with the lounge getting darker and darker as the summer sun starts to descend. I sit here and ponder how we manage to loose contact with people you were once best friends with, the people you used to tell everything to, the girls and guys you used to spend your evenings and weekends with and they knew everything about you and vice versa. Where has that all gone?
I write this as I know the feeling, from the moment I left school to go to a completely different college to the rest of my friends – in total 5 of us went to the college that was a little further away, when most of my friends went to the one down the road in my hometown. Unfortunately after a few months the people I had grown up with were just acquaintances, and now years on I wouldn’t have a clue what to say to any of them, which is so sad. I took a risk and it paid off in some ways but in other ways I really damaged my friendship circle.
Whilst at college I of course made new best friends and they became the people I told everything to and spent a lot of time chilling out during and after college, we became so close. Then once again I went my separate way, I decided to forego University for a year to work, whilst one of my friends went off to a Uni far away, and the other two also went into the working world. During this time we hardly got time to chat – life got in the way; there was never time just to hang out whenever in the week or weekend, as we all had different work schedules. I do see them from time to time, but no where near as much as I would like to.
What happens when you get older, will this happen for my whole life – I am hoping not?
All I know is that it is easier to stay in contact with people in this day in age, but at the same time it is also more difficult with so much going on in everyone’s lives, it is hard to fit in a visit to see an old friend. Everyone’s lives are just so full of stuff that we forget the little things – reminiscing and laughing.
Friends Forever?
I feel that we should all make more effort with the people in our lives, past and present to make sure that we have full futures. Where we sit on a porch and laugh about all the ridiculous stuff we used to get up to when we were 17!
I need to try harder – yes it is difficult to be always the one to text someone first and sometimes you feel like you put in all the effort, but after a while it may become second nature again and you can really value your friendship. I don’t mean talk 24/7 but making sure you are there for people when they need or want you there.
Now I’m 24 I have realised that I need to really cherish the people in my life, and get back into contact with the people who used to be my first port of call. Life has just gotten in the way and I really need to learn how to make time for people I really value as friends.
This post is a way of saying to my self get your arse in gear and see people again, or when I get older less and less people are going to be there for me. I don’t want to lose contact with anyone else. Funnily enough I am going to be meeting up with my three college friends in the next few weeks and I can’t wait. I just want people back in my life!
I always think about my wedding day, who will actually be sitting on my side of the isle, or who will I pick as my bridesmaids – I know it’s not the most important thing, as long as you and your partner are there who cares, but I do. I want to be able to have a few people on my side of the isle!
Friends enrich our lives, so we need to cherish and support them throughout our lives, before they are lost forever.

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