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Outfit: Mission Impossible

By Herugliness
Hello! ~ I really try to do outfit posts more often, but it is still hard for me. Whenever I want to take some photos there always seems to be something in the way: The clouds, my husband, my face, a cat,a dog...
Mori Girl Outfit Mori Girl Outfit Mori Girl Outfit Mori Girl Outfit
It has finally gotten warmer and sunnier here! Not all that much yet, but I keep hoping. It's nice to wear lighter clothes again. These kind of clothes have much more of a Mori Girl-feeling to me than thick sweaters and I just feel much better in them, or maybe it is the sun making me feel better, I don't know. The constant gray weather here has been draining all my energy and made me feel kind of down, so hopefully I will get a chance to re-charge a bit, especially since we are supposed to get really cold again next week. _ Maybe may next outfit post will have to be thick sweaters again.

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