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Oscar Talk

By Myfilmproject09

Oscar talk
Just a short piece today. Looks like the Turing movie, The Imitation Game, odd title but it refers to code-breaking during WW11 and The Theory of Everything, about Stephen Hawking, whose brilliance in science is legendary, are two definite Oscar contenders.
Oscar talk
But each might cancel the other one out, leaving the best movie to another one.
Michael Keaton's Birdman might get in if just for how it was filmed, one single shot (not really one shot but filmed to think it is, pretty clever.
Oscar talk
I think the Bill Murray movie, St. Vincent will disappear as will Reese Witherspoon's Wild.
Boyhood seems to be getting attention here in LA but it hasn't been seen by very many people.

I'm hoping for The Homesman, a western with Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank (winner of 2 oscars already). But it's a western and nobody wants to see them anymore. But I will, just as soon as the theaters let us see it for free with guild cards (WGA, SAG, DGA etc).

But there's still a few more coming up, and one that could be a winner, and that's Angelina Joli's movie  Unbroken (she directed) about a WW11 Olympic athlete who was captured by the Japanese. There's a lot of "buzz" about this movie. Interestingly enough, there will be two WW11 movies at the oscars for sure. Friends who have seen it say it's an incredible movie.

Oscar talk

So, that's where I sit for now.

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