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OPI Nail Envy Review (So Far)

By Lotionsandpotions @LotionNPotion
So, a few weeks ago I started using O.P.I. Nail Envy on my nails to try and repair some of the damage caused by years of nail biting when I was younger (foolish, foolish me).
OPI Nail Envy Review (So Far)
I got a good deal from the O.P.I. shop in Westfield White City which meant that the Avoplex Cuticle and Nail oil came free.
I can't say I'm hugely impressed so far.
My nails feel a little stronger and don't bend quite as easily as they used to. However, one of them peeled just as badly as ever just the other day and that's after 2 weeks of solid use. I have to say, I was expecting more from this as I'd heard such amazing things about it.
I'll continue to use it and see if it gets any better - perhaps my nails are just so damaged that it needs a little longer to have a serious effect (highly likely in all honesty!)
I do like the nail oil though. I haven't been using it as much as I probably should, but when I have it's felt very nourishing and it's really easy to apply because of the handy brush.

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