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OPEN Wireles Movement - Sharing the Web

Posted on the 02 February 2013 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br
 Can you imagine a mobile phone without a SIM card in it ? No
In a similar way a Computer without Internet connection is unimaginable.
In countries like India many people are still unable to connect to the web.Compared to the western countries Asian countries have less resources towards Internet access.
The reasons for less resources for web access are

  •    High price for  3G networks
  •    undeveloped network infrastructure
  •    more charges by internet service providers 
According to Cisco
Over 100 million smart-phone users will belong to the "gigabyte club" (over 1 GB per month) by 2012 and the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population in 2012.
 in order to serve all these mobile devices we need a huge network infrastructure.
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  • It is simple. Sharing the Wifi over your neighbors. You need to remove the password for your wireless router and make it available to your neighbors.
Why should I share my Internet to others ?
  • Its very simple. If you share something to others, they will also do the same for you. Imagine a world with free wifi available 24X7 every where. If you share your wifi at your home then you may access free wifi provided by some other guy like you, at a coffee shop. On one day free internet access will become ubiquitous. This is the dream of OPEN WIRELESS MOVEMENT.  
How can I join in this movement ?
  • First of all make remove your wifi router password, and give an SSID name(network name) to it as "". This will suggest the users to visit the website of OPEN WIRELESS MOVEMENT 
  • You can join the mailing list here
 The idea may looks crazy for many people, but there is a good intention of making the knowledge on the web available to every one at every place.
Imagine a world in which, neighborhood by neighborhood, people stop putting password locks on their Wi-Fi networks and instead share their Internet connections with their neighbors, giving everyone in their community access to a fast and open Internet.
Lets hope for a better future web :) 

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