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Oooops! Apparantly CO2 Causes Global Cooling Not Warming!

By Davidduff

As you lie awake at night wondering how to find the money to pay your heating bill which is that much bigger because you're paying subsidies to the likes of Tim Yeo MP and his company to produce hideously expensive non-carbon energy, I thought you would like to know that all that screeching from the HAFs that carbon emissions were going to boil the globe were, well, hot air, actually!

Here, courtesy of WUWT and one of their regular readers, Mr. Burt Rutan, an aerospace engineer, is a diagram comparing the emissions of 1983 to 1997 against those of 1998 to 2012.  As any 'fule do know', courtesy of China, India and most of south east Asia, the amount of CO2 pumped out has hugely increased, by about a third, actually.  And guess what, the earth has cooled not heated!  

HEALTH WARNING: The essence of this diagram appears to be accurate but the design exaggerates the visual effect!  Read the 'comments' thread at WUWT.


Stand by for the screech of brakes and the sight and sound of the HAFs doing 'a hand-brake U-iee' as the campaign against carbon emissions continues but this time because it is absolutely, and definitely, 'on me muvver's eyes', going to cause global freezing!

In the meantime, sensible people will watch and measure carefully the effects of CO2 emissions but not leap to conclusions about its effects without hard evidence.

ADDITIONAL:  Here's another chart showing the same data:

Oooops!  Apparantly CO2 causes global cooling not warming!


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