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Online Shopping, Paleo Goodness & A Crossfit Workout!

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good evening Beautiful,Happy Monday! My day has flown by! It was jammed pack full of online shopping, paleo goodness and a crossfit workout! But first, I will catch you up on my weekend after my first crossfit class.Basically, first I napped. I really tried to convince myself that I wanted to go to a patio to have some drinks, but as soon as my body hit the bed, I was gone. I woke up around 7pm in anticipation of going out! So I had a few bevies, and got myself ready (side note – I wore my black, one strap American Apparel dress… it’s cotton, also my favorite J). We were going to meet up with a couple friends who were going to Brassai here in our area in Toronto. C and I stood in line for 30 minutes before I decided to bow out and go to the pub next door, The Firkin on King. As we got in there, I realized I wasn’t the only one who decided to get out of the line and go drink elsewhere because there were tons of people dressed up and some I recognized from the line!Eventually we made our way home, and for some reason I was in the worst mood ever. Like, 100% total b*$%^. I have no idea why, maybe it was because my night didn’t pan out as planned, or I didn’t get to see my friends and dance the night away, or my shoes kept slipping off and would make me then roll on my ankle causing me to look like a drunken slob (the few drinks I had probably didn’t help that). I had to apologize to C in the morning because I felt so bad. Luckily for me he doesn’t take ANYTHING personal and told me it was fine. Sunday, well, it was hell. I woke up with a headache. I took Advil. Still had the headache. Drank water, took more Advil. Still had the headache. Slept on the couch while C cleaned the condo. Still had the headache. It was awful and so frustrating. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to be awake, I just wanted to eat, eat, eat and go to bed. I passed out long before C (even though he was in bed with me) and woke up feeling a bit groggy but much better. This hangover was definitely a surprise for me. Usually I’m tired, but I never feel sick or have a headache. I think it was because 1. I decided to try a Coors Light Iced Tea (CLIT for short… bah) and beer is packed full of gluten (also could be a reason I was so bitter). 2. I decided to finish the rest of my Skinny Girl Margarita Mix (so now I’ve had beer and tequila) and 3. Have Vodka Sodas and one of them included a Red Bull (the non-sugar free kind, not diabetic friendly which equals high blood sugar and elevated bad mood). So I drank beer, tequila and vodka. I usually only drink vodka water/soda with a lime. This is why I never venture away from “my drink”. It’s just not safe, and never again will I do that!Because my weekend was full of disgusting, delicious food and alcohol (with an amazing workout, thank god) I decided to be very strict with my diet this week. This is how my day went in terms of food:Breakfast
- ½ of a HUGE steak
- 1 orange
This, plus a chicken breast…
Online Shopping, Paleo Goodness & A Crossfit Workout!I totally forgot that I actually needed groceries yesterday in my hangover state and realized I had no organic romaine lettuce to use for my salad, so I decided to use just veggies I had, plus some fresh herbs. I used:
- organic cherry tomatoes
- part of an organic cucumber
- some red onion
- fresh chives
- fresh dill
- sea salt and fresh ground pepper
I only had small Tupperware this morning so I used one for my chicken and one for my “salad”. Snack
- protein shake, vanilla.
- white wine and garlic mussels
So I have NEVER cooked mussels before. I’ve actually only ever ate 1 mussel before tonight. I had downloaded an app on my iPad of hundreds of paleo recipes, and one that stood out to me that I wanted to try was the White Wine and Garlic Muscles.  I’ve had this in my head for about a week now and there just wasn’t a good night for me to cook them, until tonight! I stopped at Loblaws on my way home, picked up all the ingredients including 2 lbs of fresh mussels. That was a bit of a weird experience. The man who was working at the seafood counter told me not to close the top of the bag he put the muscles in or else it would cut off their air supplies. Interesting. I had no idea that the mussels I see every day in the grocery store are actually alive. Somewhat creepy, but I just accepted it and walked around with a bag of mussels like they were my pet. Literally. I’m sure the people in the elevator of my building thought I was crazy. They were speaking in some form of Chinese however, so if they were actually talking about me, I had no idea.So I came home, cleaned the whole kitchen so I could work my magic in a clean and clear space and got to work. I rinsed off the mussels, got the sauce ready, cooked the muscles until they opened, and TAA DAA…. This is what they looked like:Online Shopping, Paleo Goodness & A Crossfit Workout!Once the muscles were all open and cooked, I added 1/3 of a cup of fresh herbs, I used purple basil and chives, and added butter (not so paleo… but I swear that’s the only thing, besides the wine. Damn… why is this recipe in a paleo app?!) and oh my goodness, it was like heaven in a shell. They were so unbelievable, I can’t believe I haven’t taken advantage to how cheap mussels are until now. 2 lbs were $5. The recipe calls for 4lbs, but I had never made them before and didn’t want to waste a ton if I didn’t like them. When I made them, I learned quickly that 4lbs wouldn’t even fit in my big pot, so 2lbs for us it is!Onto the workout aspect of my day. All along I knew I wanted to do another crossfit workout, and I downloaded an app that gives me most of the crossfit workouts so I can do some of them myself. Originally I had planned to do Angie. Angie is this:
- 100 pull-ups
- 100 push-ups
- 100 sit-ups
- 100 squats
So I had sent my friend Jason (the male crossfitter) a text and he recommended that I do Annie because we just did squats on Saturday, and Annie would be good to mix it up! I took his advice, and this is the workout:
50 reps, 40 reps, 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps
- double unders
- sit-ups
I found myself a skipping rope, and went into the training room at my gym so I was all alone with Lenny Kravitz playing on the stereo. I remember doing double unders as a kid, it’s where you’re skipping and you whip the skipping rope under your feet twice in one jump, and let’s just say, I’m not as good at jumping rope as I was in the 6th grade. I got to doing 4 double unders in a row before stopping (the rope would hit my feet, or whip my arms, anything) one time in the entire workout. I definitely got better as the workout went on, but I still felt pathetic. The good news (sort of) is that 1. I had never done this workout before so it's an instant personal record, and 2. I did it in 21m47s! I have no idea what "good" is in terms of this workout, but yay me anyways!
Here’s proof that I whipped my arm a ton of times (aka did not complete a double under)…. It wasn’t fun, and some of these marks are still on my arm:

Online Shopping, Paleo Goodness & A Crossfit Workout!

Please only look at my arm and not my disgusting chin shot

The first time I tried skipping, I had my weight on my right leg, the leg that has been hurting me for a while. It was so shocking that I made a conscious effort to put most of my weight on my left leg for the rest of the workout, but I could tell that my right leg was going work as well. Every time I went to do my sit-ups my shin would throb. It was actually enough for me to seek the advice of my friend, Dr. Takes. He’s the chiro/physio and works right in the club that I work at. I got him to look at my shin later today and I have posterior shin splints in one leg. It’s so painful, I can’t run and I can’t jump, which should come in nice and handy during beach volleyball tomorrow. Just kidding, I’ll probably be in a ton of pain. I guess that the muscles that are attached to the part of my bone that hurts have a really large insertion point, and part of it has come off the bone which is causing my pain. So he’s using ultra sound and ART (active reflex therapy) to help heal it. Such a pain in the @$$.
On a positive note, I received my tax return today, and had enough to pay off my entire credit card! That was one of my new years resolutions if you've been following me for that long. I was so excited that I decided to reward myself with putting something else BACK onto my credit card. It's not bad, I promise. I ordered these Lululemon Wunder Under Crops:
Online Shopping, Paleo Goodness & A Crossfit Workout!
I get so excited when I order new Lululemon. I've been trying to grow my Lulu collection and it's getting there, slowly but surely! Also, I love shopping - have I mentioned that before? I plan on buying a maxi dress on Friday (pay day!) to wear to my family reunion on Saturday... I'm already excited to make the purchase.
Anyways folks, I hope you’re enjoying my blog. Please leave a comment for anything you like reading, anything you’d like to see more of, or even less of. I appreciate all of your feedback and will definitely take it to heart when writing for you!
I’m going to go enjoy my white wine (a bonus to look forward to when cooking with white wine – where will the rest go once you’re done using the ½ cup the recipe calls for? J), and hang out with C while we watch Dexter on Netflix. Have an amazing night!
Stay sweet.

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