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Online Reputation Development and Reputation Management

Posted on the 07 August 2012 by Businessone @businessonein

Online Reputation Development and Reputation Management

Online reputation is a brand identity proudly demonstrated by individuals, businesses and social organizations.  A company's networth is enhanced through possessing and acquiring such reputed digital assets.  Digital assets can be the company's website, the company's blog or even company's social media identities which carry significant base of past, present and prospective customers.

Online reputation is determined through certain metrics like Google PageRank, Search Engine Results, Social Media presence, the size of followers, friends, and likes on social media identities, mentions of company's name on various social media channels by various stakeholders and netizens, and more importantly, the company's capability to leverage such online leads into sales.  These competencies would invariably connote online reputation of an entity in a given context.

The benefits of online reputation are many like:

  1. Increased brand identity
  2. Additional business sources through online customers
  3. Value appreciation of digital assets
  4. Low marketing budget and saving on advertisement costs
  5. Higher ROI on marketing investment
  6. Online reputation increases the offline brand value

The services we offer in the above context:

  1. Due diligence of your existing online presence
  2. Determination of measures required to focus your brand among online consumers
  3. Design, development and maintenance of online brand identities and assets towards positioning your online identity
  4. Strategic marketing of your identity on various online channels
  5. Guaranteed and enhanced reputation of your online presence

Would you like to achieve such a proud online stature?  Do you like to enhance your online reputation rank?  Do you like to infuse increased confidence among your stakeholders about your online presence? May please write to us for design and deployment of processes to achieve online reputation for your brand.

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