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Once Again...

By Myfilmproject09

Well, we're back to the beginning, sort of.
I am working with a partner on Ghostkeeper 2 with the hopes of filming it in January-February 2013. I'm working on a website and have used a lot of the information in the book by Jason Brubaker in the previous blog. 
Along with that I have my book on screenwriting finished with the second pass. It's gone to 5 people to read, an editor and some writers just to see what they think and what is still needed.
I'm going to publish the book in early January as I learned a lesson with my Emperor of Mars book. I had published that in late November for the Christmas rush but there wasn't really time enough to publicize the book.
And that resulted in small sales and one more thing; in January 2012, the book became a year old, even though it was out for around 7 weeks. Why does that matter?
Because as of January 2012 it was a book published in 2011 and thus is a year old. Most people don't really care to look at when a book is published. At least I think so. I do look at the publication date to see how up-to-date the book is.
And I have a feeling other people do, maybe more than I care to know about.
So by publishing my screenwriting book in January 2013, it gives the book a full year before it's considered a year old. 
I'm also thinking of doing a crowdfunding movie for one of the 2 or 3 screenplays I have that are inexpensive to make. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for almost anything, and is approved to some extent by the federal government.
I'll deal with more specifics on crowdfunding in Monday's blog.
The projects I have are two screenplays I wrote some time ago; one is called Mojave and follows a group of friends who venture into the Mojave desert where they realize they are being hunted by an unknown person.
The other script is called Casualties of Love, and very different than the above. This story is about three men nearing 40 who were members of a teen garage band 20 years ago. They kidnap an aging rock star who plans to sell his music to advertisers and the three want him to change his mind.
What's common between these two movies is this; both can be filmed cheaply. Mojave requires only 6 actors and it's all exterior and with no sets or complications. The biggest expense will be motels but all in all it can be done for $10,000. 
Casualties is even easier. It's set in a house with a few exteriors. And only 5 actors.
So why make cheap movies?
That's for Monday's blog.
I'm off now to find a viewing place to watch the spaceshuttle Endeavour hitching a ride on a 747 to LAX. It's doing a flyover LA and I'm sure thousands will be watching.
Have a good week-end.

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