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'On Avance, Er, Non, Nous Nous Retirons!'

By Davidduff

Sounds like one of those French generals in 1914 as Schlieffen's right hook punched them backwards.  (Incidentally, I imply no criticism, the French fought exceedingly well.)  However, nearly two and a half years ago the French people in their wisdom got shot of the Hungarian dwarf (hurrah!) but then went mad and voted in a swivel-eyed Leftie loony (boo!).  Presidente Hollande, for it was he, immediately set about turning socialist economic theory into practice the results of which were obvious to everyone, er, except Left-wing loonies.  Amongst his most eye-catching measures was to slap on a 75% 'super tax' on high earners which has promptly turned around and slapped him right back  in the face.  Many of the wealthy simply decamped, some of them to London - bienvenue, mes braves - and the silly tax collected a few cents!  According to Yahoo News, in the next few weeks the whole thing will be quietly dumped.  Will someone please tell Ed Miliband 'over here' and the likes of 'Faucahontus' 'over there'!


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