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Okay, I'm Getting Back to What Was Going Before What Happ...

By Myfilmproject09

Okay, I'm getting back to what was going before what happened. My producer wanted me to do some stuff for him to look at it. But I really didn't want to change it much. However he said he'd do it so I said okay, okay.
I don't really know if anything started with me, and with my age unlikely to help me, it might not happen. I'm up here in Canada and much less to worry. California has more people than all of Canada. The whole Canada!!
So my producer guy is going to do his changes and we'll all be happy.
And now, I have the French people who were supposed to make our movie around May or so. But it's not gonna happen that close. And maybe later than fall. Maybe. If we really make the movie in the fall I'll stay in Canada because of one thing. As mentioned before, Euro's taxes are 31% while Canada and U.S. are far lower.
And another point is that I really wouldn't have much fun as my french is not all that great even though I learned French in high school. I would hope to my producer, now changing some things will be U.S. and I can hang with my friends from Sherman Oaks.
I also will try to get a screenplay I wrote that has a director who wants to make it, but he still hasn't found money. And of course there's a lot of problems for our little old planet.
And I've got around 40 screenplays hanging around when I was a hot guy and a hot agency. But that may not be as hot as now. I also have to find a horror company took my film without paying. And the movie Ghostkeeper is selling by him. And he doesn't have any money for me. So, fighting might be a problem because the former company ended in 2015!
And by the way, you can see Ghostkeeper on imdb and Wikipedia (which has more info).

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