October Birthstone Meaning and Properties

Posted on the 13 January 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Opal is one of the most radiant and unique gemstones selected as October Birthstone for Libra. Opal is selected as both modern and traditional birthstone crystal for October. It is one of the most eye pleasing gemstones due to its color and brilliance. Opal is considered as gemstone of hope, love, purity, innocence, happiness and luck.

Since ancient times human cultures adored Opal as one of the most interesting gemstones. As a matter of fact, every single Opal is totally unique. This basically means that you can have as many Opals as you want and each stone will be different. Most of Opals are mined in Australia (almost 95%) but other countries like Czech Republic, USA, Honduras and Brazil also mine this stone.

Opal is not very hard gemstone with hardness rating of 5.5 to 6 on Mohs scale of hardness. Its hardness is different due to water content inside it that can range from 3 to almost 21%. Because of this Opal stone is delicate and can crack due to dehydration, extreme temperature and even when placed under direct light. Although it is gentle stone wearing Opal is well worth it thanks to its beauty and uniqueness.

Other October birthstone gemstones that people may use:

  • Tourmaline – Traditional and Modern October birthstone
  • Jasper – Mystical gemstone for October
  • Aquamarine – Ancient Hebrew, Arabic, Roman and Polish October birthstone
  • Coral – Hindu October birthstone
  • Beryl – Italian and Russian October birthstone
  • Peridot – Libra Sun stone
  • Sapphire – Libra planetary stone
  • Lapis Lazuli – Libra Sun stone
  • Agate – Libra talisman stone
  • Topaz – Scorpio Sun stone
  • Garnet – Scorpio planetary stone
  • Ruby – Planetary Scorpio gemstone
  • Amethyst – Scorpio talisman stone

Opal Stone History and Meaning

Pliny the Elder, Roman historian described opal as gemstone that contains fiery flame of Garnet, purple of Amethyst and green glory of Emerald, all shining in amazing union and unbelievable pleasure. Opal is considered in ancient time as one of the mysterious gemstones. They believed that wearing this stone can strengthen eyesight, heal eye diseases and bring luck.

Since Australia produced most Opals, very first legends were connected to Aborigines who said that creator came to Earth on a rainbow to bring a message to all people. Where his foot touched the ground, stones came alive and started to sparkle in all rainbow colors. This was birth of Opal gemstones.

Other cultures like Arabian nomads, Aztecs in Mexico and Hindus closely connected Opal and rainbow. Arabians believed that Opal is magical stone sent from heaven and infused with lightning. Babylonians and Egyptians honored it as most powerful gem for healing water and light. Romans thought that it is most powerful gemstone since it possessed all traits of gemstones whose colors were inside it.

Name “Opal” comes from Latin word “Opalus” but historians believe that its name actually comes from Sanskrit word “Upala” that means “precious stone”. Roman historian Pliny suggested that its name is related to Saturn wife Ops. Greeks named it “opallios” that means “change in color” and “pederos” which means “the child of love”. In the Middle Ages it was called “The Eye Stone”.

Opal Gemstone Variations and Color

Opal is interesting gemstone due to its changing color. This different colors come from its water and silica content, also minerals cristobalite and tridymite. We distinguish three basic Opal types:

  • Rainbow Opal – rares and mined in few locations in the world. It provides brilliant flashes when turned in the light. This effect is often called “play of color”.
  • Common Opal – it is found all over the world. It has luster similar to Pearls and milk.
  • Fire Opal – this type of Opal gemstone can be from transparent to translucent. Main color range from red , orange and yellow. It is mainly mined in Mexico.

Opal gemstones can come in many different colors, from colorless, to white, red, yellow, brown, black, orange and blue. Moreover, they can be opaque, transparent or translucent.

Opal Variations based on their metaphysical properties:

  • Andean or Peruvian Opal – this is common opal that comes from Andes Mountain in Peru. They are most often translucent to opaque, soft blue color, sometimes blue green or pink.
  • Black Opal – those stones have dark color, in most cases they are dark gray or back, sometimes with deep blue or green. They are found in Australia and considered as very lucky.
  • Boulder Opal – they are formed in cracks and voids inside sandstone or ironstone. Each one is unique and considered to carry Earth energy.
  • Common Opal – this variant is found all over the world. It is generally opaque stone that comes in all colors. They are used for their metaphysical purposes providing support for emotional body.
  • Crystal Opal – those stones are semi-transparent to transparent that can range from colorless to light and dark. We use them for their health and healing properties.
  • Ethiopian Opal – it is formed in volcanic ash. Can be different in color and can have different color patterns. They are able to absorb water and change transparency.
  • Fire Opal – it is named after its vivid colors that can range from red, orange and yellow. They are mostly mined in Mexico and believed to revive persons passion. They stimulate Sacral and Base Chakra.
  • Girasol Opal – this Opal stone is bluish white stone with red reflection and blue glow. Because of its magnificent color and shine, it is often called “Jelly Opal”.
  • Green Opal – it is green color variant of Common Opal that is used for cleansing and rejuvenation. It is believed that this stone can help recovering quickly from illness and exhaustion.
  • Hydrophane  Opal – it is milky colored Opal that is turned transparent or translucent when placed into water. They are interesting for their ability to absorb water and change translucency thanks to this.
  • Matrix Opal – it is found inside host sandstone or ironstone filling pore spaces inside the rock. It is believed to deepens emotions, bring comfort, calms inner soul, it is used often by spirit guides
  • Moss Opal – milky white Opal stone with dark green color. This stone is great for getting in touch with nature, nature spirits and helps people entering relationship.
  • Oregon Opal – this is transparent to translucent Opal found in Oregon. It is blue-violet or yellow-orange colored stone. It is used for stimulating Solar Plexus Chakra and improves self expression.
  • Owyhee Blue Opal – this Opal stone is found in Oregon. It has characteristic blue color, it is often translucent and turns opaque when exposed to air.
  • Water Opal – colorless, clear Common Opal stone formed in unusual shapes. It is most unusual Opal gemstone for clearing self consciousness. It is connected to Base and Crown Chakra.
  • Precious White Opal – Opal stone with light body color. In most cases it is white, yellow or cream color with rainbow flash of color. This Opal gemstone is most commonly used in jewelry.
  • Wood Opal – this Opal stone becomes fossilized over time by replacing organic portions of plants, tree and animal remains.

Uses and Purposes of October Birthstone

Opal is considered as Libra Birthstone that promotes security, easing stress, depression, encourages better thought processes and energy. Opal gemstone is one of the best antidotes to restless thoughts. This stone is closely connected to thought processes and its soothing energy can help children and people with nightmares or any other sleeping problems. It is used as well for relieving issues with children’s imaginary friends, especially when child wants that “friend” to go away before going to sleep.

This is one of the best stones used for protection. It is used as a shield that absorbs negative energy and thoughts of the people in wearers surrounding. Opal is used as amazing protection stone against people that are in bad mood all the time, challenging people or from people that want to hurt you in any way. Because of those properties people used to say that this stone provides “cloak of invisibility”.

Opal Healing Properties

Since ancient time people understood Opal gemstone healing energy. They used it for healing eyes, nails, hair, skin. This stone can be used to clear and strengthen eyesight. It is also great for balancing water content inside the body, elevating water retention and reducing chance of dehydration. It is also great for purifying kidneys, blood, helps with infections. In the past, people used it for reducing fever, helps with memory and regulates hormones, problems during PMS and menopause.

As I already mentioned few times, Opal gemstone is probably one of the best protection and supporting stones. This stone is used for strengthening emotional body especially if you are seeking for a true self. Its energy helps with examining feelings, revealing problems that you need to handle. Opal will help you be more positive, creative, spontaneous and sleep better.

October Birthstone as Talisman and Amulet

Opal – October Birthstone was not used just by Libras in the past. It was used by all people for protection. In the past, Opal was used in combination with other gemstones to strengthen memory and protection against faulty vision. It is considered as one of the best talismans that allows the wearer to recognize real friends and spot the enemies.

How to Meditate with Opal Gemstones

Since we know that Opal promotes calming energy and helps people focus their mind and thoughts, it is one of the best stones for meditation. This stone is connected to the Earth energy and its spirit. Common Opal stones vibrate at lower energy and help grounding emotional body while Precious Opals have vibrate on higher frequency. They are best for focusing on spiritual energy and magnify emotions. Fire Opals are special and vibrate on a frequency that can induce state of enlightenment.


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