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Occasionally the Vermin Are Caught in the Headlights!

By Davidduff

And here's a prime specimen, a perfect example of one of those squirrelly types of vermin responsible for all sorts of mayhem but who are rarely if ever seen in daylight:

Sir David Nicholson: He has refused to step down and said the appalling standards of care were due to a 'system failure'


I give you - Sir David Nicholson!  He is a 'They', as in, 'They did this', or 'They failed to do that' or 'They are a pain in the arse', in other words, he is your archetypal Jobsworth, a Pecksniff, a pen-pusher, a pox-doctor's clerk . . . he is one of that great multitude of faceless, anonymous bureaucrats who cock-up almost everything they touch.  Only their innate idleness stops them from totally wrecking the country.

Normally we never know their names but the scandal of the North Staffs Hospital, part of our beloved Nationalised Health Service ("the envy of the world!"), has suddenly shaken a few of the rascals into the limelight, especially Sir David Nicholson who was running the supervisory body responsible for checking the management of this concentration camp institution.  Subsequently - and I find this difficult to type because my rage is interfering with my typing - he was promoted to be the boss of the entire National Health Service!  The fat, useless thickoe was on my telly last night pontificating behind a barrage of bureaucratic non-managment speak saying, in effect, 'nuffink to do wiv me, guv'.

I want that man sacked, stripped of his knighthood, strapped to a hospital bed, unfed, unwatered and uncared for just like the poor bastards that had the double misfortune of being ill and then being taken to Belsen to North Staffs Hospital.  The only slightly good thing to emerge from this disgusting tale of stupidity and cruelty is that the reputation of nurses as being little angels of mercy is well and truly dead with a bloody great stake through its heart!

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