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Oats Need a Grain of Salt

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

It’s the dreaded Mondays!

I went back to a health foodie staple this morning…




Oats!! Oatmeal’s back ladies and gentlemen after a long yogurt obsessed absence.


  • 1/4 cup steel cut oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp milled flax seeds
  • cinnamon to taste
  • sprinkle raisins
  • don’t forget the salt!

Once the oats are done top with:

  • vanilla rice milk
  • granola

I forgot the salt! Oats just need it. So after I hunkered down to enjoy my oats in bliss I had to get up, trudge back into the kitchen and add salt. Luckily it was way worth it because my oats went from bland and boring to fun and delicious!


I’m having some Goji Green Tea on the side… not coffee!

Sad smile

A bite-o-life

So this is Dead Week, which really is a bad name because we actually have classes. Dead Week used to be the week before finals and classes would close so students had all day (with no interruptions) to study. Now, the week before finals is still called Dead but we have classes.

In my politics course, that’s contemporary politics of Latin America, I have 1 very weighty paper assignment. We were supposed to analyze the obstacles of democracy and then provide a solution. The assignment included writing one 2,000 word draft then it would get graded, handed back, and we would write a second draft that included information from the second part of the class. So basically the paper has two grades and it’s worth a lot in the class.


My first draft received a D+.

So from now until Thursday morning I’m all paper all the time!

I made a list…


I decided to basically start over! My whole argument is convoluted and flawed and I needed to do so much work I decided to just wipe the slate clean. Plus my TA gave some really good advice. He said that a well written “basic” paper would probably get a better grade then a paper that tried to present hard arguments when not done correctly. This was definitely one of my problems. I tried to make a really lofty argument against my better judgment of staying simple. Simplicity saw me through the midterm, why did I not take my own advice???

He also said it would be okay to only present one or two obstacles. I wanted to do this from the beginning. The paper is only 3,000 words (~10 pgs) and that’s not a lot of time to present a bunch of problems.

The TA also said that he really wanted a provided “solution”, which I didn’t include. And he wants a whole paragraph dedicated to telling him, the reader what the paper will do. Which I was taught not to do in high school.


Luckily for me, there will be an improvement percentage of the grade. I hope to do well in that category. I also did well on the grammar and things like that so if I can just get a clear and concise argument together I should be golden.

It’s a lot of work. Plus finals are the next Thrusday! I’m stressin!

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