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O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser Review

By Ireviewuread

O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser Review

Sometime last year during my holidays, I went Hong Kong and before coming back I got myself this interesting looking product: O’slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser!

O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser Review

This product have 2 main functions: 

  • Act as a cleanser
  • Act as an exfoliator

Apart from that, it also: 

  • Improve skin tone
  • Maintain Skin moisture   

O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser Review

Upon pumping one pump of cleanser on my palm, I noticed a mild chemical trace greet my nose. Using this as a cleanser on the first try, I wash off to realized the scent of the cleanser was still on my face.

However, finally some good news come out from using this cleanser: It not only clean your face but your make up too! I’m not talking about those makeup which involves heavy eye makeup but normal basic BB Cream, CC Cream and foundation. 

Apart from that, I did noticed my face became slightly more refreshed and fairer too!

On the second try, I used this milkshake cleanser an exfoliator. Just as the same feelings when used as a cleanser, I felt warm and refreshed all at once upon application. 

Subsequently, I felt that my skin became fairer!

O'slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser Review

Overall, I would give the O’slee Peeling Milkshake Cleanser  4 and a half IreviewUread smiles for I love how this milkshake is able to improve my skin tone despite of it’s slight stench.

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