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Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette

By Melmeko @melmeko

Hi friends everywhere, :-h gee, it’s been a while this time and I apologisefor not posting as frequently as I would have liked to, [-Xbutto be honest, :)>-this month has been a total shocker on thehome front!:-LMy wheels broke down four weeks ago and Ihave had to rely on the ever faithful ‘footfalcon’ to get around. Living in rural FNQ there is no public transport, (well, practically none anyway, considering the limited bus service has dodgy times and the fact that they don't go anywhere near where I need to go  :-<)and my little lad goes to prep daily and my lil girl day-care three times perweek, all of which involved more and more walking (a very slow process with two tot’s in tow).  Between that and going to town forerrands/groceries etc, let me tell you, it was all so time consuming and I havebeen spending the best part of each day getting from A to B on foot!  #-oSo, in addition to being strapped fortime I was absolutely exhausted (:| andby dark I could all but flake out early, I-)which naturally left no ‘ME’ time to do the things I usuallyenjoy (like blogging about beauty of course, hehe;)) )Anyway, the car is back today(YAY!\:D/  )so now it’s time for some serious catch up, so hope you don’t mind bearing withme until I’m back on track. [-O<
I’ve also been busyreviewing more beauty booty for Tammerly aka PinkDiva for her exceptionally informative beauty blog, Spolit!This post is based on my original review based on my experience usingthe Nudeby Nature Natural Eye Palette.Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette
I am very fond of theversatility when using crushed mineral pigments as eyeshadows, because I lovethe effects I can achieve using the dry powder to deliver a sheer wash ofcolour that brightens and accentuates my eye area, or, for varied intensity, Ican apply the minerals wet, using the ‘foiling’ technique, to encourage a bolder,more dramatic finish. :)My skin and eyes are on the sensitive side,so using hypoallergenic minerals are the safest option, not only are they goodfor the skin they don’t cause any irritation or exasperate the problem.#:-S Due tohaving oily skin, it’s imperative that I always use an eyeshadow base to primemy lids before applying minerals to ensure good adhesion and longevity. ;)
The Nude byNature Natural Eye Palette features a complete 3 step-system, boasting a trioof neutral mineral colours, along with two small application brushes, yieldingeverything I need to cover, contour and define my eyes, all in the one handykit.The lightest vanilla shade is usedas the base, which I apply over the entire eye area, including the lids andextending right up to beneath the brows.The medium caramel hue for contouring covers the lid area, whilst thedeepest chocolate color is adopted to define and gets worked into a v-shape inthe outer crease and along upper-outer lash line.The formula is milled into a fine powder thatis very smooth and softly textured, hence I only need a tiny amount of producton a brush that I gently press, rather than rub, to implement the application.The colours are all highly pigmented, so Ihave learned to apply some loose translucent powder under my eyes to catch any excessproduct fallout that could be messy otherwise.After all three colours are transferred to my lids; I simply blend awayany harsh lines, resulting in a soft, flawless almost satiny, mate-like finishthat stays in place perfectly with no creasing, flaking or dilemmas with theshadow settling into any fine lines.*-:)The lighter more luminous shade also makes fora great highlighter that I place lightly in the corner of my eyes, under thebrows and along the upper cheek bones to emphasize my facial features. Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette
I love the coloursynthesis of this collection, which is a stunning combination of nudes thathighlight and define my eyes, portraying a flattering, yet conservativeappearance.:xHowever, whilst the concept is practicallyfaultless, the only downfall is it’s kind of awkward to cart the products aroundbecause they are not presented in a kit or palette as such, :-/ instead thepots and brushes are all loose individual items, that I would personally preferto keep together as a set. Therefore ifI want to use these items anywhere else other than in my own bedroom, I need toutilise my own cosmetics pouch.:-?If a bag/case was included with the set, itwould be convenient and I would be more inclined to use them frequently on thego. The Nude byNature Natural Eye Palette is well priced, considering for less than $25you get three 2gm pots of gorgeous, wearable mineral colours and two minibrushes, compared to other mineral eyeshadows that retail in Australia for thesame price, if not more, for just a singular pot, only half the size. :-OIguess it comes down to personal preference with eyeshadows, but I’m definitelypartial to loose minerals, so this kit is indeed impressive and I will continueusing it and would recommend it to other makeup enthusiasts. =D> I rate itwith 4 stars out of 5 (*)(*)(*)(*).
Do you like using loose mineral pigments aseyeshadow?Have you tried any otherproducts from the Nude by Nature range?What are your thoughts?  Please share>:D<

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