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Now What Do I Do?

By Myfilmproject09

Now what do I do? 
Beginning a few weeks ago, I have had four different people talking about my screenplays and the possibility of a new screenplay. But I never really took them seriously because most of the time, nothing happens.
Until one of the group actually wants to work out some ideas for a movie.
And then everything falls to pieces. Me, writing a new script? Must be a joke. 
Yes, that's what happens when the unexpected becomes expected. And that means one big thing. I have to find an idea.
I always have ideas and most of them are stashed in my files so that's where I go to find ideas I came up with, newspaper or magazine clippings that have good ideas and just about anything that I can remember. That's the first thing.
The second thing is -- can I write it. Can I create a new story and get it to outline stage and then to screenplay stage? When will the producer realize that I don't have any ideas.
Well, I'm not alone. Most screenwriters feel this way, at least most of the writers I know. It's the old saying "be careful of what you ask for" or something like that.
Can I deliver a good idea?
The only problem is that not only do I have to deliver a good idea to the producer, I also have to deliver it to the network or studio where they will take it apart.
And that's been my story for the last thirty years. I went through this every time I wrote a screenplay for someone. I sweated it when I handed the script over. 
We're still at the talking stage but it seems like we can do something even though I'm sure the producer will drop me in the next week or two. When he finds out I'm a horrible writer with no new ideas.
You think this is all crazy? 
It is, every time. 
Have a good week-end, I'll be sweating it out on an idea or two.
Now what do I do?

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