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Now This is a Really Good Cartoon!

By Davidduff

And I am very grateful to Guido Fawkes and his cartoonist for publishing it and Daniel Wickham for drawing up the original list:

Now this is a really good cartoon!

And am I alone in noticing the absence of the greatest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize - ever! - was absent from yesterday's gathering of the Great and the Good the Grim and the Ghastly?  Not only did St. Obama fail to show in Paris but he couldn't even be bothered to leave the warmth of the White House to join in the rallies in Washington or New York.  Well, I expect he had a very important round of golf to play!  Pity because given the latest news that an American bombing raid in Syria may have killed fifty civilians by mistake he would have fitted in a treat with all the others at the Paris gathering.

In fact absolutely no senior American administration official attended the Paris 'walk-about' despite the fact that the (in)Justice Secretary, Eric Holder, was actually in Paris yesterday.  Perhaps he didn't bother because no blacks had been slaughtered!

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