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Now This Could Be Something Or Nothing

By Davidduff

Courtesy, as so often, of IHTM, I came across an almost non-news item to the effect that the White House has just hired Mr. Neil Eggleston to be their new White House Counsel.  I was about to yawn and move on when the writer from the Ulsterman Report - no, it's not Ian Paisley in disguise! - reported that Mr. Eggleston's main claim to fame is his tremendous skill in defending politicians from criminal charges:

Eggleston was part of the Clinton administration defense during the Whitewater
scandal, as well as two subsequent executive privilege battles.  He also worked
with the Bush administration in 2007 during yet another executive privilege

And perhaps more important to the direct
link to Barack Obama himself, Neil Eggleston was the one who provided
current Chicago Mayor, and former Obama White House Chief of Staff, Rahm
Emanuel, legal defense during the infamous Rod Blagojevich trial that included a
myriad of pay to play allegations that eventually resulted in the former
Illinois governor being sent to jail, while Rahm Emanuel emerged relatively

The reporter suggests that the White House is exceedingly nervous of losing the Senate in the Autumn which will open the way for the Republicans - at last! - to mount some serious and unstoppable investigations into all the horror stories so far carefully obfuscated by the White House with the connivance of Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate. Perhaps - just perhaps - the impeachment of President Barack Obama has moved an inch closer.  Well, a man may hope, may he not?!


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