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Now on Chictopia

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Well, I’ve been on Chictopia for a while already. I mean, since 10 months ago. But I haven’t really updated the page eversince. I am only active on Lookbook. However, today I started updating my Chictopia account again. Yay! I am so thankful to the chic people there because they gave me a warm welcome,  even though I am not new at all.



Now on Chictopia
Now on Chictopia
Now on Chictopia

Btw, if you have Chictopia accounts, don’t forget to follow me there. <3 My username is, of course, LILPINK. I will give you a follow back since I am not a selfish brat. Moving back to the topic, they have this sort of caste system at Chictopia wherein there is a New User, Style Council and Style Icon. Apparently, reaching style icon is like reaching the stars from way down here. T_T

I am actually very happy with the encounter at Chictopia. I mean, people are not selfish of chic votes unlike in Lookbook where you have to earn those (unless you are cool enough to attract attention). T_T Needless to say, I love Lookbook. I’ve been there since ages.

I reached 200 something fans in years. hahaha. I am so uncool. But, Lookbook is one of my inspiration sites for fashion and style. So, I am not biased!




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