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Now My Toes Are Crossed as Well as My Fingers

By Davidduff

Just under three weeks to go and still the polls have Dave 'n' Ed neck and neck and I still can't quite believe it.  Earlier this morning after I saw Sky News I thought about writing a post headed 'The BBC and the Media have won it' but then this week's 'Speccie' hit the front door mat and I read Fraser Nelson's essay describing what looks like the inexorable advance of the loony Left (my categorisation not his).  According to him, and despite the fact that he's only 17 1/2 years old he has forgotten more about the Westminster stew-pot than I know, this advance of what I can only call 'soppy socialism' is a world-wide phenomena not just a British one.  When he points across the channel at not-so-belle-France creaking and groaning under the idiocy of Presidente Hollande, or the incredible rise to influence of Pablo Iglesias in Spain, or the loopy-loo idiots running Greece - into the ground - you begin to become aware of the ground shifting beneath your feet.  And before my American friends snigger, young Master Nelson points at Bill de Clown, sorry Bill de Blasio in 'Noo Yawk', another one to harness the ill-begotten feelings of resentment amongst the plebs who voted him in with 73% of the vote! And remember, the only reason 'Hillbilly' isn't a dead cert for the presidency is because she is perceived as being too Right-wing!

Dave 'n' George, as I have moaned before, are merely middle-management level politicians.  They have no real ideology, no imaginative ideas, none of "that vision thang", nothing to stir the emotions of the plebs who are filled with resentment at their lot since the crash of '08.  As Nelson points out, the only man with a real idea was Michael Gove who began to show the plebs that there was an alternative to State-controlled education, and what did Dave do, he sacked him and moved him into the background.

I am relying on the 'don't knows' to come through at the very last moment in the privacy of the voting booth in time to save the day.  Well, a man my hope, may he not?

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