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Not Just Stupid but Dangerous with It

By Davidduff

Not just stupid but dangerous with it

I wrote about this stupid woman a few weeks ago.  Ms. Alison 'Donkey' Saunders, our new Director of Public Prosecutions, and in my opinion she should be arrested, charged with interfering with English justice and 'banged up' for life!  After making an effort to ensure that by bending the rules any drunken slag can cry 'rape' and the authorities will insist that the alleged 'perp' must offer proof that the, er, 'lady' concerned gave her permission for sex to take place, she has now gone further.  I will not attempt to paraphrase her remarks some of which I reprint from The Telegraph

In the past month the Crown Prosecution Service, which I lead, has announced new proposals to assist victims and witnesses called to court to give evidence in criminal trials, including in rape trials. I always knew that part of these plans – telling victims and witnesses more about what they could expect from the trial process – would be controversial. 

And would she, do you think, apply the same rules to the alleged 'perp'?  Don't be silly!

To begin with, some people feel that my calling someone a 'victim' is   objectionable because, to them, it suggests that there has been a crime, and   therefore that the defendant is guilty. But I use the word “victim” because when someone goes to the police they feel they are a victim of crime and I am happy to respect that. There is, of course, no presumption of guilt [my emphasis, and oh, dear me, no, no, no, wouldn't dream of it!] and whether someone is legally a victim of a specific crime by a specific person is for a court to decide.

Yes, Miss 'Shit-for-Brains', if long before any trial you call someone a "victim" then, yes, anyone with more than three brain cells will assume there has been a crime and that the 'perp' is guilty.  The terms you require are already there courtesy of several centuries of English law in operation, they are, the accuser and the accused.  Both suitably neutral.

May I suggest, Ms. Saunders, that you and your vile, corrupting sisterhood just fuck off back to the small-town solicitors from which you were promoted way beyond your abilities!


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