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Not a Replica

By Pretendmanblog @pretendmanblog

Not a replica

Being the beginning of November there are probably quite a few of you out there embarking on the bristly adventure that is Movember. This is for you.

Designed by ultra smart grooming geniuses, Baxter of California and manufactured by Hart Steel of the good ol’ U S of A, this is one badass shaving device. Loosely inspired by firearms (and presumably Batman) the blade is titled simple, “Not a replica,” and features a matte black handle with a blue steel blade. If you’re wanting a smart, close shave and want to look cooler than Ryan Gosling with a toothpick in his mouth while doing it. then this is the cut throat razor for you.

Pretend Man will take no responsibility for any cuts you may acquire while dicking about with it in a ‘flick knife’ manner while you pretend to be Steven Segal in the mirror.

Check out Baxter of California here.

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