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North Korea in Declares Itself in a “state of War” with South Korea

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

North Korea 2

Things are starting to turn rather ugly on the Korean peninsular, as North Korea which has been increasing it’s rhetoric and preparedness for some type of conflict in issuing threats to the United States today declared itself in a state of war with it’s South Korean neighbor. Technically these two nations have been in a state of war since 1950 after the Korean war was never officially ended by a treaty, but the North seems to have felt threatened by US/South Korean military operations recently and has reignited the fuse between them, firstly by cutting all communications ties with the South, and now this statement of intent.

NorthKorea natal
NorthKorea transits

Here we have the North Korean natal chart above and current transits below. As I have mentioned before a few days ago, there is huge pressure being put on the North Korean Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the 10th house of the leadership and national reputation. This conjunction I see as very deluded, almost as if the North Korean leaders including Kim Jong Un see themselves as mythical beings, untouchable, living in a dream world or utopia. Neptune is the sign of deception and illusion and it is also the sign of the collective, so the leaders are seen as Gods or almost untouchable and their tentacles and state influence spreads throughout North Korean society – this is the sign of a communist state, brainwashing the people with their ideas . With The Sun on the Midheaven, the Leader is as prominent as one could be and with the Moon bang on the Sagittarian ascendant, the people (Moon) buy in totally to the direction of the nation – again we have the idea that they are seen as one entity.

Now the stellium opposing this conjunction, the Mars Uranus Venus and Sun conjunction in Aries is seen as a threat by the NK leaders because of the rulerships active here. Mercury’s sign Virgo at 10th house cusp rules the Midheaven, the people at the top of society and Neptune’s sign Pisces sits at the 4th house cusp, the house of the land of the nation. Mars and Uranus in opposition to that Mercury/Neptune conjunction are seen as an unpredictable (Uranus) military (Mars) threats to the leaders (10th house) and the territory of the nation (4th house). We also have Pluto square to Neptune/Mercury, so powerful forces are intervening in North Korean society. Pluto is moving in the 7th house of finance, so this refers to the sanctions being imposed on North Korea, restricting their ability to make money. Jupiter trine to Mercury/Neptune from the 7th house indicates the people at the top have false optimism and confidence in regard to international relations. Neptune square to the Moon and Ascendant shows this nation (Ascendant) and the people (Moon) being very deluded as well as suffering under the the impositions that North Korea is under – Neptune dissolves and disintegrates. That Neptune is making an exact trine to the North Korean Mars, and that delusion is encouraging them to prepare their military forces (Mars) now.

KimJongUn natal

KimJongUn transits

Looking at the young supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, his chart is being very rattled by the 4 planet stellium making a quadruple trine to his natal Uranus which sits in conjunction with Venus. This trine from Mars and Uranus is very worrying as it it encourages his to act in a dangerous and unpredictable manner and opposing Jupiter moving through his 5th house of speculation is giving him optimism and over confidence. Mars is now making a square to his natal Sun just as this announcement was made, making him feel in an aggressive mood.

I said in my assessment of Kim and his natal chart a couple of years ago that his natal chart made me shudder and all the fears I had in December 2011 when writing about him are now starting to fall into place. Two dates to keep an eye on Kim Jong Un and North Korea for you. Mid April when transiting Mars opposes his combustible Mars Pluto Midheaven conjunction, that looks like a dangerous time with the situation we have now on a knife edge, and 23rd to 25th June when transiting Jupiter makes a trine to that same conjunction and transiting Mars makes contact with his natal North Node. At the same time, the North Korean natal chart is shaken up by Mars, Uranus and the transiting Nodes – Mars square the Midheaven/Sun and opposing Jupiter, Uranus opposing Neptune and trine Pluto and the transiting Nodes exactly square natal Pluto. Hold onto your hats then, things could go off big style!!!!


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