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No, No, No, I Was the First to Have a Penis Reduction Operation!

By Davidduff

Honestly, you just can't believe anything you read in the papers these days.  The Daily Mail is carrying a story reporting on an American teenager who has just undergone a penis reduction operation and they're claiming it is the first ever.  Well they're wrong, I had one decades ago because, well, frankly, instead of being admiring and grateful when I kindly vouchsafed them a glimpse the ladies were rather put off and fearful.  Unfortunately, that sort of surgery was in its infancy back then and the surgeon (obviously jealous!) was rather carried away and took off much more than was required leaving me with, shall we say, a somewhat modest appendage.  This led, after some furtive fumbling, to one lady enquiring whether or not there was a finder's fee if she succeeded in laying hands on it!

Anyway, chaps, that's my excuse, what's yours?


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