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No More Budget Shopping! Meet One Of My New Favorite Apps

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

I hope that you all are enjoying your Tuesday!

Can we please talk about how June is almost over? Didn’t Summer just start….i’m confused.

Since these next few months are going to be extremely hot, as of lately i’ve been doing a TON of shopping.

Throwing out the jeans, and bringing in the rompers and summer dresses. Thank god right?

Obviously, when most of us go shopping, the majority of us are on a budget.

We’ve all got bills, and the ‘important adult stuff’ that we have to take care of before we shop and drop, ugh, but that’s reality.

So, with that being said, not too long ago, I actually found out about a new app that I wanted to share with you guys called ‘Reeelit‘.

I’ve shared with you a few apps in the past that I usually like to keep on my Iphone, but this app in particular was especially my favorite because you can actually get A LOT of use out of this app, unlike many others that are out there now a days.

Remember how I had just mentioned about shopping on a budget?

Well, ‘Reeelit’ actually allows you to do that.


Here is how the app fully works:

1.  You tell Reeelit what you want / what you’re looking to purchase

Whether that would be a handbag, maybe a new pair of shoes, maybe a watch, anything that you feel is out of your budget and that is something that you cannot afford.


{ For instance, for me, it would be this DVF outfit that I tried on not too long ago that was WAY out my budget, but i’d still like to own it eventually }

2. You can EASILY SAVE with Reeelit

You can automatically set contributions from your very own bank account to your Reeelit fund on the app. You can also invite your own family members or friends to chip in towards what it is you’re looking to save up for, and who knows, maybe they can get you the gift you’ve always been wanting for your birthday!


3. Reeelit will find you the best deals while you save your money

The third and final step is that Reeelit will find you the very best deals while you save up your own money for that gift that you’ve always been wanting/wishing for!


I don’t know about you, but I will officially be using Reeelit on a daily basis from now on.

The more money I can save the better, and just think about that Chloe bag that you’ve always been wanting, or maybe that diamond pair of earrings that have been sitting in your online shopping cart for months?

NOW is your chance to buy what you’ve always wanted instead of just dreaming about wanting to have it.





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