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No 7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
As the bills keep coming, and pockets feeling a bit light from the past Christmas and birthday splurges, I definitely need to skimp somewhere.  Well, I ran out of my face lotion, and I decided I need to stop holding onto the concept that expensive means better.  The days of buying $150 bottle of skincare are gone, at least for now.  So I took my broke behind down to my Boots and used my £5 off voucher and came home with this.
No 7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid 
After parting with £5, I felt really good that I have a 100ml product.I did test it at the shop and liked that it was a light texture.  I'm the type of girl that doesn't like to feel things caked onto my skin.  That's probably because my skin isn't on the dry side, and also because I'm in my 30's where my skin still retains a lot of moisture.  I'm sure older ladies face the complete opposite.  So I opted for this vs. the day cream which was thicker.  Just an fyi, the day cream comes in a pot where as this is a pump, and it is also £9 for 50ml.
I came home and washed all my makeup off.  I really applied it thick today - extreme cat eyes and all lol!  So my skin was definitely feeling dry after stripping off all my makeup.  I applied that moisturiser at 3pm, and now at 7:45pm, my skin still feels very supple and soft.  Very impressed Boots!
*Hypo-allergenic*non scented and* Cheap!
Can't ask for anything more.  I'll report back if my opinion changes after using a whole bottle, but if this works out.  I think I just found my new cheap HG moisturiser.
I also did walk out with something else from Boots, but it wasn't for me. Oh and before I forget...
DEAL ALERT!Christmas stock is now 75% off in stores only (sold out online), so you better rush down now otherwise there will be nothing left.

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