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NMNB ~ Weekend in Review

By Laura @BEBookworm

What did I do this weekend? Watched lots of Doctor Who and took part in NMNB (Neither Man Nor Beast) web conference. What didn’t I do? Watch hockey.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon hanging with some pals and knitting. I snacked so much that when I got home, I didn’t even feel like cooking the tempeh bacon I got for my sandwich. Hummus, cucumber, baby spinach plus herb and chive cream cheese was good enough for me!

Dog Sweater
I’m starting an ambitious knitting project that’s going to take me a while, but looking through my great grandma’s old knitting patterns, I really would like to make a sweater for Luna one day.

Carol Adams
On Sunday I tuned in for Neither Man Not Beast: Patriarchy, Speciesism and Deconstructing Oppressions, a web conference. It was so fun seeing so many people from all over the world listening in. The first speaker was Carol Adams, which was fitting since the title of the conference came from the title of one of her many books on feminism and animal rights. It was a great talk.

NMNB Breeze Harper
Another well known feminist animal rights speak is Breeze Harper, author of Sistah Vegan. She spoke about her upcoming fiction novel, Scars, which should be out later this year. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

The entire NMNB conference was recorded and there was lots of great talks, so keep an eye on the Facebook event page for when it gets posted.

Ending the post with a cat picture, because Hey! It’s the internet! Dezzie loves having her kitty camera cat bed at the edge of the loft so she was keep an eye on things. Mainly Luna.


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