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Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant

By Melmeko @melmeko

Welcome back beauties, the next product I have reviewed was sent to me by Beauty Heaven to test out as a part of their trial team,  here are my thoughts on that experience.  :)
The Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant comes in stylish, upmarket-looking, 50ml transparent glass packaging with a roll-on dispenser and a white plastic screw on cap.  The label adorns the recognisable blue, white and gold Nivea logo, along with an attractive, lilac and silver color scheme for a touch of femininity.  The ultra gentle, anti-inflammatory formulation is free of alcohol, preservatives and colourants, while enriched with nourishing avocado oil and chamomile extract to soothe and care for the most sensitive skin types.  It also claims to deliver effective protection against perspiration for 48 hours.  :D
Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on DeodorantThe deodorant is white in colour, but transfers completely clear onto the skin with nil fragrance and a non-sticky finish.  :">  Instead, it provides additional hydrating properties to ensure the skin under my arms stays super soft and silky smooth.  \:D/  This time of the year it’s not overly humid and hot here, but even throughout the duration of these mildly warm FNQ days, I’m not satisfied that this deodorant is lasting the distance.  :-S  After applying the roll-on first thing in the morning, I find by lunch time, my underarms begin to feel a bit moist, so I feel the need for a second application to avoid getting BO.  /:)  In the past couple of weeks since I’ve began this trial, I have come to the conclusion that unfortunately the deodorant doesn’t meet my daytime anti-persipirant needs, yet it’s ideal for use at night, after showing, so I go to bed feeling fresh and comfortable and wake up of a morning still feeling much the same.  ;)  Because Nivea have formulated it to be totally non-irritating, it’s handy to use after hair removal, due to the no alcohol content it doesn’t burn or sting at all and helps to prevent rashes and reduce the chance of irritation.  (*)
Overall, I think the Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant is an average deodorant in terms of performance; however, its kind to the skin, very affordable and readily available at most supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, making it a budget friendly option.  =D>  I will continue using the deodorant both post shaving and as a part of my nightly body care routine, but I don’t think it has the durability to withstand the tropical far northern summer, so I doubt I would repurchase it myself.  For those with sensitive skin looking for a safe, skin loving alternative, this might be just what you’re looking for.  :-*
Do you get irritated by many commercial type deodorants and want one that won’t sting or upset your underarms?  :-/   Can you recommend a sensitive anti-perspirant that is both gentle and also particularly effective at combating BO??  :-?   Comment below with your favorite long-lasting deodorant! 
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