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Nivea : Raspberry Rose Lip Butter

By Balmainbeauty @BalmainBeauty
Nivea : Raspberry Rose Lip ButterIf you've been reading my blog for a while, or follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll remember I've posted about Nivea product's before. I like it's Cruelty Free, affordable, work's well and is easy to find in most shop's and chemist's throughout Australia and New Zealand.
I've previously written about the Caramel Cream Lip Butter and I think it wasn't long after posting the review, I discovered a new flavor released in Europe which was the Raspberry Rose. I think it's not been out in Australia and New Zealand for more than a couple of month's or less.
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I apologize for the final photograph, the lid of the tin was touching the lip butter so I tried to smooth it over with a hot spoon then I tried a finger and that was even worse. I wanted it to be brand new so I could take photo's for the blog but it was a massive fail so I've using this one a few times a day for this past week and I think it's my favorite of the lip butter's I own: Vanilla Macadamia, the original and Caramel Cream.
I like the feeling of these lip butter's because they're not sticky, they're not too slippery and they sit nicely on your lip's, they make lip's feel hydrated and smooth. If your looking for a lip butter with a hint or wash of color eg a sheer lip butter/lipstick then this isn't that kind of lip butter.
How I use the Nivea Lip Butter's
I apply to dry lip's after finishing my morning skincare routine. I find that applying the lip butter after my skincare routine and proceeding to the makeup application gives the product look's of time to work it's magic because I tend to apply lipstick as the very last product I put on my face. I also apply these lip butter's several times during the day and they can be applied over the top of a lipstick if your on the go and they look nice as well as helping your lip's.
When new flavour's are released I'll probably pick them up, depending on the flavour's, this one is a very nice Raspberry scent, my nose is picking up a true raspberry flavor and not the fake kind of raspberry you find in so many beauty product's and skincare, it smell's like freshly picked Raspberries.
The lip butter product is tinted a light pink and I like the little round tin's these lip butter's are packaged in. If like me you like to re-use or re-purpose packaging then you could definitely wash the tin's and re-use them to store bobby pins, hair elastic's, small breath mint's, a needle and thread or small nail art.
If you haven't tried the Nivea Lip Butter's I definitely recommend you try them because they're a really good product that'll help your lip's look naturally healthy and it can also be used on dry lip's to make them nourished and softer. No-one likes sore, chapped, flaky, dry lip's so this product is very handy for small handbag's, pocket's, glove boxes, coin purses etc.
Do you have a favorite Nivea lip butter, if so which flavour?
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DisclosureThis post isn't a Sponsored post by Nivea. I bought this product with my own money from my local Countdown. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's and photograph's! Please don't reproduce, however you may post a link on your blog, site, like and share on social media and link to my original post, please credit BalmainBeauty at, Thankyou.
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