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Nightwear News: We Often Get Asked What is Closest Thing to Nothing!

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

We often get asked what is the closest thing to nothing!

Now this might seem like a really strange question but you would be surprised how often we get asked this! What we are talking about is the hardy nude sleepers who suddenly have cause to wear something to bed. Now this can be for a variety of reason in this modern unpredictable world we live in, perhaps you have visitors coming to stay, and the main bathroom will be used by all in the night, maybe your teenage stepchild has come to stay for the weekend, maybe you are off to spend Christmas with your new partners family for the first time.   Whatever the reason, sleeping in clothing can be really strange if you have spent years sleeping without a stitch of nightwear!

Now in our opinion there is a simple answer that means you won’t be red faced on the landing at night, or be forced to sprint the bathroom to bedroom run in the buff and hope no one is watching! Less is probably more in this case, so our advice would be either a shortie nightdress, dressing gowns, or perhaps a camisole nightwear set. All these are low on the material front but high on the modesty front, and in the case of the shortie nightdress could actually be kept on the foot of the bed and slipped on just to pop to the loo just as that saving grace dressing gown!

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