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Nightwear News: We Often Get Asked ....

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

About ladies nightwear for nursing mothers. Yes, we are aware that our maternity section currently sits empty, however there is good reason for this. At Idlewild we take pride on making sure all the items we offer are simply the best of what is on the market and our buyers are currently scouring the shelves for best in designer maternity nightwear, however as yet we still haven’t found what were looking for (but do an excellent rendition of the classic song by music legends U2!)

However that doesn’t mean that we don’t have an excellent selection of ladies nightwear that make the perfect choice for the nursing mother, allowing you to feed in comfort without having to spend ages getting undressed and comfortable. Classic pyjamas make a really good choice as the boyfriend style shirt buttons right up the front allowing you to simply undo a couple of buttons on the top. Check out the ladies Jeans Check Flannel pyjamas as an excellent example, the shirt is loose, allowing for that immediate post baby weight around the middle, and the top unbuttons to suit you for those night and early morning feeds.

If the classic ladies  pyjama isn’t your style have a look at the loungewear styling with the stretch bottoms and vest tops, a great example being the Calvin Klein Ice Cap pyjamas. The cut and give in the material in the top means you can simply slip the strap down on one side making access for baby easy. There are several excellent choices in this style so you are sure to find something that catches the eye, this is also an excellent choice for early mornings as it means should the postman knock on the door early you actually look dressed anyway!

Finally a candidate for your whole pregnancy/maternity as well as nursing baby afterwards, has to be the easy loungewear set from DKNY, the soft flowing cut of the top means there is plenty of room to accommodate a growing bump, the trousers have an elasticated waist but are soft enough to be worn under a bump without digging in and causing discomfort. After baby is born the top can easily be lifted for nursing. We will of course let you know when we track down the best maternity nightwear but as you can see there is plenty of choice elsewhere in store!

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