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Nightwear News: Nightwear For a Sound Nights Sleep

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

It’s funny how the weather changes our sleep patterns, at this time of year I find I like my bed even more than usual and I have to say am prone to getting quite grumpy if I cannot get the hours I need! (Just ask my children!) One of the things that does make a real difference to the quality of sleep is the comfort levels within your bed. Fresh sheets, warmed by an electric blanket or hot water bottle, a snuggly blanket to pull up around the shoulders, and of course the all important nightwear.

The thing with nightwear and achieving a great night of rest is of course comfort. Getting tangled in your nightdress or trapped in your pyjamas really isn’t good and being woken because you have got uncomfortable really isn’t going to improve your mood. So what is best? Having been around the world of nightwear for more time than we can remember, we think we know a thing or two and always try and keep our shelves stocked with the best we can possibly find.

One of the choices we think is really great is the Pensiero nightdress, the ribbed cotton is luxuriously warm and the fit ensures maximum comfort. This nightdress has long sleeves, and skims the knee, the V neck ensures that no matter how much you move in your sleep there is nothing that can pull on the neck and cause discomfort. The pretty slate grey colour means this is a really excellent choice for all types of women, from girly girls to the tom-boys like me!

Now even though it is cold outside, some of us still find sleeping in winter can cause overheating, which is another thing that wakes us up. If this happens to you then lighter pyjamas like Bonsoir's Pink Spot PJ'sto snuggle under the duvet with maybe the answer. The gorgeous Racer Back Lounge pyjamas again in soft grey provide the perfect solution. The sleeveless design means you can tuck your arms in warm or wave them out of the covers to suit yourself, and the tie waisted bottoms are guaranteed to keep you in maximum comfort. The full length design combined with the top also makes this an excellent choice for loungewear for passing the long winter evenings in front of the tele.

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