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Nightwear News: I Live in My Pyjamas!

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

I live in my pyjamas, it is crazy but it’s true. Gather round dear friends, I will tell you why I do! Ok thats all the poetry I can manage, but living in one’s pyjamas is becoming an increasingly popular trend, and one I have to say, I am getting quite into! The posh name for this growing trend is loungewear and many of the celebs are quite happy to be caught on camera in their best offerings.

Why has loungewear taken this sudden rise in popularity? Well clearly the time of year is going to have an effect on the situation, the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and bed seems more appealing than the cold winter chill...brrrr. Secondly we are a nation of creature comforts, and we just like to be snug. Now I work in an environment where I can wear jeans to work, some times I need my suit, but largely I can choose, which makes coming home and getting my casual clothes on less significant. Another reason why I just love slipping my pyjamas on when I know I have finished going out for the evening. It defines my time.

When I slip into my pyjamas I say goodbye to my stressful working day, and hello to my sofa loving chill out evening. This means I find myself unwinding quicker and relaxing faster, and hey that has to be a good thing right? It also means that if I happen to over indulge on the pasta, or pizza or whatever other scrummy meal I decide to have, I don’t get the tight waist band effect of jeans, win win situation really! 

Now my choice of pyjamas goes well with my personality and my pyjamas reflect this and are, well, fab! As I write I am sat on my sofa wearing my Noir Lounge Pyjamas, from the fab people at Loungerie. The black full length trousers and V neck sleeveless top perfectly suit my style, and the gold trims under the bust and around the waist really compliment the look and give me a really individual style - a definite winner. I should also say that the Storm version, the same but in a gorgeous purple are currently in my tumble drier and will probably be my choice tomorrow! Give living in pyjamas a try. It rocks!

Noir Lounge Pyjamas

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