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Nightwear News: How To Sleep With The Seasons ...

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

Getting a good night full of sleep seems to be a problem for many people, we tend to lead such busy lives full of comings and goings, and plenty of stimulations in the form of televisions, computers and phones, this means when we get into bed at night sleep doesn’t come easily. There are several other factors that can influence an already tricky task, so by tackling as many as possible your chances of sleep increase. One important bedtime factor is of course temperature, being too hot in summer or too cold in winter can lead to more time awake and less chance of those needed zeds.

One way to help with your thermostat control is to get your bed wear working in your favour. It sounds a strange thing to do and you may wonder how to do this, well rest assured (if you’ll pardon the pun!) it is very simple indeed. The basic idea is to use material to your advantage. Put simply you want to be wearing silk nightwear in summer and flannel nightwear in winter - but why?

Silk is a clever material that is able to draw moisture away from the body, ‘wick’ is the technical term, and it is this process that allows heat to be drawn away from your body keeping you cooler even if you happen to fidget and move around a lot. Silk pyjamas or silk nightshirts really aid the quest for a cool night sleep in summer, and for extra measure you could treat yourself to some silk sheets to match, just be careful you don’t slip slide out of bed!

Flannel is a heavier material that has the reverse effect making it perfect for winter pyjamas, nightdresses, or evendressing gowns. Many women favour pyjamas in winter as there is less chance of them riding up and exposing legs and arms thus leaving them chilly, and flannel pyjamas are a flattering perfect choice. Flannel also has the advantage of being very light to wear and incredibly soft to the touch. Flannel acts like a small layer of insulation covering your whole body, so even if the duvet slips or moves you are likely to stay warm. Just in case you were wondering, we do of course, have what is in our opinion the best selection of both silk and flannel nightwear available on the net, so what are you waiting for! Have a look and sort your climate control now!

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