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Nightwear News: Choosing a Dressing Gown?

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

Nearly all of us own a dressing gown - how else does one relax after a hard day at work? There is no better feeling than getting out of the bath, or shower, and putting on a nice new dressing gown. Therefore, In our newsletter we are going to look at the qualities of a good dressing gown, helping you make the right purchasing decision. 

The fabric

Dressing gowns  are available in a variety of different materials, each designed to serve a different purpose. For example, fleece materials are extremely soft and warm. These gowns could be used when you cuddle up to a loved one on a sofa in cold winter evenings or just for that lovely snug feeling only fleece robes can give you.

Also, there are towelling bath robes which are fantastic for putting on immediately after showering or a soak, because the material is used to soak up moisture. These are not always hugely comfortable to lounge around in but they do their job very well.

The purpose

Some dressing gowns are long, others short. Some come with pockets, others don't. Most people don't really consider these needs before they buy, focusing mostly on how it may look. If you can consider the practicalities of buying a new dressing gown robe you can find the right one for you quite easily.

Stylish and practical?

You really can buy a dressing gown that not only fits well and suits its purpose, but also looks great. Dressing gowns are becoming more stylish and fashionable all the time, with a plethora of designs out there on the market. You can get gowns with great printed patterns and even in a variety of different colours.

There are literally thousands of gowns by a multitude of brands. At Idlewild London we aim to stock a variety of dressing gowns to suit every pocket, taste, and style.

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