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By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Happy almost weekend, and yes, it is almost July 4th weekend, scary, very scary thought.

I’m finally really excited to announce that I have OFFICIALLY launched a YouTube channel off of the blog!

As nerve racking, and scary as this may seem for me, because i’ve never really taken the time to actually speak well in front of a camera, i’m excited to take you guys on more adventures through a camera, instead of pictures and writing via the blog!

Not only will I be including certain blog posts on YouTube, but I will also include “vlogs” as well for when I take vacations, or attend certain events, that you guys maybe don’t get the chance to see!

I believe that within the whole process of really creating a blog, is that your readers have to come along the journey with you, and that way you guys can get more ideas on how to start your own blog as well!

I’ve currently only started out with an “intro” video on YouTube, but from here on out, every single Friday, I will be uploading a new YOUTUBE VIDEO!

You can check out my first video, by seeing the following link below.

I can’t wait to take you guys along this roller coaster ride with me, I am so grateful!

 Also, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and have your friends SUBSCRIBE as well.

New YouTube Channel | Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe

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