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New Yoga Studio!!

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
I am so excited about our new yoga studio in Greenville called Zanti Power Yoga. Today is opening day and I was part of the first class!!! The class was at 6 am and here is a description -

"Intermediate Power Yoga – Zanti Power Yoga (Z2)
This class includes an intelligent sequence of more challenging postures which link breath and movement. Taught in a heated, climate controlled environment, the class both exhilarates and calms the body, mind and spirit."

Greenville is growing and we actually have a lot of natural health studios/yoga/body, mind soul type places. I'd really love to foster a supportive community where we all benefit from each other and so I feel it's very important to go to classes at other studios to support each other. As a new teacher, I also get a lot out of learning other styles because it helps me grow as a yogini and a teacher. 
I was first exposed to Julie, the owner, at Southern Om when I took her Power Hour classes at lunch. It was an awesome break in the day and because it was power yoga, I was able to get out some stress and aggression from work :). I've always liked her classes and when I saw she was opening a new studio, I jumped on the change to go to a class. 
Another cool thing that's happening in Greenville is that we got a Lululemon Showroom. It's not the clothing that is exciting (although I finally bought some pants and LOVE them), it's the fact that they are trying to bring together the yoga community and make it supportive and interactive. Again, I think this is VERY important for the growth and acceptance of yoga in the Greenville community and definitely want to be a part of that. 
If you live in Greenville, check out Julie's new studio downtown. You can take a hot class, a non heated class, a Yin class, etc etc. Her studio is very cool! 
New Yoga Studio!! Peggy (who is awesome), me, and Julie, the owner
New Yoga Studio!!Katie (you might know her blog), me and Julie
Have a great weekend!!

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