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[New Video] Career Tip From My Morning Walk

Posted on the 28 April 2015 by Classycareergirl @classycareer
[New Video] Career Tip From My Morning Walk

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You are invited on my morning run this morning. My daughter was napping so I recorded a quick career tip for you here.

This was at the END of a run which is why I am a little out of breath!

[New Video] Career From Morning Walk

[New Video] Career Tip From My Morning Walk

My advice is probably not what you would hear most career coaches say. It's a little unconventional. My advice is to STOP updating your resume and applying to any old job online! If you do this, it's a great way to get stuck in another job you hate. Instead, you need to have a plan and a goal. You need to find what the perfect job is for you BEFORE you start updating your resume and upplying online. You have to narrow it down from applying to any old job and instead have a very specific type of work that you would like to do in order to have any success trying to find the perfect career for you.

Are you struggling to figure out exactly what you should be doing in your job search to find a career you love?
Are you tired of worrying about whether or not you are job searching correctly or just wasting a bunch of time?
In this day and age, none of us have time to waste on things that don't generate results.
I'll be the first to admit that getting out of a job you hate can be really frustrating and overwhelming. I've done it myself.
But don't fret.
I'm here to help you say adios to your draining job and find an awesome career you love for the rest of your life.
If you can stay one step ahead of your competition, you are sure to see a steady stream of quality opportunities come your way whether you are an employee or entrepreneur.
I would be honored to be your trusted advisor and help you navigate the (sometimes tricky) waters of career searching to increase your happiness and success.
So how do you stay one step ahead?
y you can easily attract networking opportunities that will lead you to a job you love.
To help you put this strategy into action, next week I'm hosting a live workshop, "How to Ditch Your Draining Day Job and Find an Awesome Career." You need to create a career search action plan with the foundation of the plan built on your unique strengths and your personality, interests and motivations (and not 100% reliant on your resume or online job postings). That wa

Join me and I will show you how to do it step-by-step.

[New Video] Career From Morning Walk

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Here's what we'll cover in my action-packed training:

To make finding your dream job quick and easy for you, we will break it down into three core principles: Understanding Yourself, Time Management for Efficient Career Searching and a Networking Action Plan.

    Understand Yourself: I'll show you how to narrow down your search by self-reflection to discover your "Ideal Workday" - a fabulous workday that you would love to have from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.
    Time Management For Efficient Career Searching: It's not about how much time you spend job searching. Instead, it's about having an effective and strategic job search (I'll show you how to save 1 hour everyday to devote to getting results job searching).
    Networking Action Plan: Discover what's working right now with LinkedIn and social media networking to turn your network into dream job opportunities. (You can find hiring managers and recruitiers for your dream job and I'll show you how.)

This webinar is for YOU if you want to finally create a plan that will produce REAL RESULTS for your job search. P.S. I also will be holding a contest and three lucky winners who register and show up live will receive my "10-Day Online Resume Makeover Course" valued at over $200. This webinar will fill up quickly, and once 500 people are live on a webinar, no one else can get on. You don't want to be locked out, so make sure to
Click here to register for my free training <<---
Can't wait to see you there!
- Anna
Sign Up Now and show up 10 minutes early to grab your seat!

[New Video] Career Tip From My Morning Walk


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