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New Fall Colors

By Marlen @mar_bear_
This week, ohhh this week I have plans. I'm going to listen to Doris Day croon over how stars fell on Alabama the night before as she kissed in a field of white. I'm going to make a home on the couch and open to a well-worn chapter in a favorite book: The Boy Who Lived. I'm going to string Halloween decorations all over the house, dusting corners with spiderwebs and cluttering ceilings with black and orange garlands. I'm going to play Practical Magic on the TV like background noise on a radio, and I'm going to figure out how to make my pumpkin spice tea not taste like shrubbery in cinnamony toilet water. And I'm going to discover that mauve is officially my favorite fall color. I'd never guess it, but here we are.
When first styling this Choies's column dress I was trying to go for a sheer, dreamy look, but this velvet blazer kept catching my eye in the back of the closet. Feeling like I should give it a go, I tried dressing up the color with fall favorite hues: burnt orange, forest green, and a light nude. And, to my surprise, it all came together like a dream. The dark colors helped move this summery shade into fall, and the high necked dress looked like it was made for nippier weather. I'll definitely be repeating this look all season. 
What's a favorite trick of yours to move summer dresses into fall? Other than the usual cardigan + infinity scarf combo.
DRESS: c/o Choies (only $33!) (vintage option: here)
BLAZER: c/o Ellenface Vintage (vintage option: here- in olive)
PURSE: thrifted (vintage option: here, here)
BELT: thrifted
SHOES: Old Navy (only $10!) (vintage option: here, here- as loafers)
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